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Wiltshire classic car restorations

Wiltshire classic car restorations from Dillybrook where our team has decades of experience restoring, repairing, servicing and maintaining classic cars. No job is too big or small. Call 01373 831254

We’re just like you. Once you catch the car bug it’s hard to turn back. Whether it was the speed, the styling, the memories, or just the smell of burning rubber, we all got hooked for a reason. Dillybrook Classic Cars was established by enthusiasts to meet the needs of other enthusiasts. It is a one stop shop that has all your needs covered with an honest affordable labour rate of just £60 per hour including VAT.


Wiltshire classic car restorations have the skills and the facilities to service and maintain your classic car, preserving it for your future enjoyment. 

We offer advice wherever possible and no job is too big or small … We work closely with you to advise on the best course of action, balancing your budget against your car’s maintenance essentials.

Engine Tuning

Every classic car owner has noticed from time to time their pride and joy not quite running as smooth as it once did. This is most likely due to the engine tune falling out of balance.

We have decades of experience across all makes, and the correct equipment to bring the best out of your classic car once more.


Whether your classic car needs suspension, brakes or steering work, our skilled team are here to get your classic car sorted.

Performance and handling upgrades, power steering conversions, uprated bushes or suspension upgrades, we cover it all.


Wiltshire classic car restorations offers complete overhaul and restoration of all mechanical components, and more specifically engines and cylinder heads.

Our ever growing list of trusted suppliers allows us to provide the highest quality workmanship whilst rebuilding your classic engine or cylinder head.


Our inspection service is considerably more in depth than a regular MOT inspection.

Our mechanics will meticulously go through every aspect of your vehicle. You will receive a report advising you on the areas of repairs to prioritise so you can get back to enjoying your classic car.


Wiltshire classic car restorations has experience in fitting new carpet sets, insulating or soundproofing floors, replacing damaged interior panels, switches, wood trim panels or replacing full interiors. 


Our team carries out the full range of engine and gearbox work, from clutch replacement to full engine rebuilds, cambelts, timing chains, head gaskets etc.

Our mechanics are experts in a range of makes and models. No job is too big or small…


We can carry out a full mechanical restoration on your classic car.  This can include, engine, chassis, suspension, brakes and, steering.  

Our mechanics will meticulously go through every aspect of your vehicles mechanic rebuilding and detailing it as new.


Time takes its toll on electrical wiring! We can hunt down electrical faults and find the best possible solution. Once the problem is found, we repair the wiring or electric fault to get your classic car running smoothly again. 


We have years of experience converting classic cars from left hand drive to right hand drive. Unlike modern cars, lots of classic cars were designed as a mirror when it comes to LH and RH drive.  

Our mechanics can convert your classic car with the correct parts as per factory.  We have experience with Austin, Austin Healey, Jaguar, Lotus, Land Rover, MG and Triumph.


Our team has decades of experience and skill restoring some of the worlds most beautiful classic cars, including Ferrari, Jaguar, Lotus, MG and Triumph to name just a few. 

With our ever growing list of trusted suppliers, this allows us to provide the highest quality standards whilst restoring your classic car.

wiltshire classic car restorations


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