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MGA Repairs

MGA repairs, a team with extensive experience in affordable repairs, servicing & maintenance of all MG’s call 01373 831254

At Dillybrook Classic Cars, we totally get your obsession with your MGA. The timeless design crafted by an engineer, not a computer; the attention to detail, the classic style that withstands the test of time; most importantly the way it drives and the way it makes you feel.

In order to keep your MGA driving like the day it left the factory, it is essential to keep up regular servicing, maintenance and repairs. This is paramount to keeping your MG in tip top condition. Owners frequently neglect this and as a result, we see issues develop that could have been caught much earlier by a routine service. 

MGA interior

Our small team of experienced mechanics have extensive experience in the maintaining, servicing and repairing all versions of MG. ta, TC, TD, TF, A, B. C GT’s and RV8.

In our service, we cover all aspects of maintenance for your MG in meticulous detail: general servicing, electrical repairs, suspension overhauls and diagnostics are all part of what makes our services stand out.

Don’t trust just anyone under the bonnet of your MG. Count on Dillybrook’s repair services for honesty, experience and value for money, to get your MG purring like new.

At Dillybrook Classic Cars, we get up and go to work each day just for the thrill of bringing classic cars roaring back to life. Our dream is to make your dream for your classic car come true.  Call 01373 831254

mg twin cam restoration


  • Cylinder head reconditioning
  • Timing chain replacement
  • Exhaust replacement
  • Suspension lubrication
  • Damper, bush, and spring replacement
  • Transmission and drivetrain servicing and repairs
  • Electrical fault finding and repair 
  • Brake repairs
  • MOT preparation and certification
  • Tyre and battery replacement
  • Condition assessments
  • In Car entertainment upgrades

If it’s not listed above, give us a call 01373 831254 we will be able to help whatever needs doing to your MG, or any other classic car for that matter.

Dillybrook Classic Cars has professional technicians, each with over 30 years’ experience. They are trained to diagnose, maintain, and repair your MG, or any classic car whether it is  European, Japanese, English, Vintage, or an American muscle car.