Triumph TR6 restoration, amazingly rust free

Triumph TR6 restoration: An amazingly rust free solid example of a Triumph TR6 Roadster is on the long term TO DO LIST for restoration projects, hopefully to be completed in 2020. Delivered new 1971 to the USA, this Triumph TR6 carburetter model is finished in white with US specification left hand drive on wire wheels.  We purchased this TR6 in July 2015 from Japan, it arrived there from America in 2000.


The first U.S.-specification TR6 was built in September 1968 as a 1969 model, while the first ‘rest of the world-spec’ fuel-injected TR6 left the production line two months later. A clever and comprehensive facelift by the Karmann works in West Germany had altered the front and rear ends of the TR5 design, reshaping them in a squarer, more integrated styling theme. The resulting TR6 was a car that looked wider and very modern, yet aside from varying seat designs, its passenger compartment, inner stampings and mechanicals were virtually unchanged.

Quote from Autocar 17 April 1969….. “It is very much a masculine machine, calling for beefy muscles, bold decisions and even ruthlessness on occasion. It could be dubbed the last real sports car”……………..

The Triumph TR6 restoration has stalled, blasted back to bare metal, the TR6 is waiting to go off for to the paintshop early in 2020 then we will post regular updates here.

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