Lotus Elan S3 restoration

Lotus Elan S3 restoration: Jump back to 2008 when you could still by a Lotus Elan S3 for under £8000. I wish you still could, NPH 333 was purchased from a Gentleman who had owned it since 73 from what I can remember.  We we decided a full restoration was required as the glass sunroof needed to be removed, luckily said gentleman had saved the original part removed from the roof, and the wheel arches had been cut away to fit the larger Europa wheels.

So off comes the body, out comes the engine and work start on repairing the shell and fitting new wheel arches and sunroof panel.  The chassis is stripped down, it was in excellent condition with no welding required as it had already been replaced by Vegatune so off it went for blasting and then powder coating.

Once the body was back from the paintshop in its fetching original Medici blue we set about fitting it up,